The Nature of Love and Sex

Sex and Love

If you have difficulty reaching orgasm during intercourse, or you find yourself thrusting away until both you and your partner are sore and frustrated, you may well have delayed ejaculation. This is also known as retarded ejaculation, or male orgasmic disorder, and it affects a very high number of men…. about one in twelve at any one time.

You can find an effective, easy and quick treatment for delayed ejaculation on the internet – for example, for men who do not wish to see a doctor, this powerful delayed ejaculation treatment can effectively end the problem with self-help treatments.

For women, there is advice on how to relax your sexual responses, become more familiar with your body and its sexual responses, and learn how to relax into orgasm and reach orgasm during sex.

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The nature of love

Accepting, respecting, admiring, adoring: these are some of the important aspects of loving. “Home,” said one man who was interviewed in a study of successful marriages, “means you can expose your weaknesses without shame, can brag a little without fear of misunderstanding, and can make mistakes without being ridiculed.”

 In other words, in his home and in his marital relationship he had the satisfaction of being accepted for what he was.

Accepting a person for what he or she is means having no reservations. It certainly does not mean being blind to shortcomings but on the contrary means being aware of them and accepting them too within the relationship.

And this includes not overlooking things which you really wish were different about your partner – including losing weight and dieting if they are obese or fat.

It is in the love relationship that people remove their “character armor,” but do not do so unless they are sure that without it they are unreservedly accepted by their partner.

To want to fashion the other person into a particular mold is not love but possessiveness. Love is fully accepting one’s partner without reservation despite the fact that they are not the same as one’s ideal.

When couples make love for the first time they often expose their nakedness to each other with some trepidation, both afraid that they will fall short of the other’s ideal of physical beauty.

Yet to accept the naked body, with all its imperfections, is truly to love.

People who are casual about sex do not, of course, appreciate or experience the significance of nakedness, for they do not sense the identity of the body and its vulnerability, and they are inclined to be, as Rollo May has written, “more wary of psychological and spiritual nakedness than they are of the physical nakedness in sexual intimacy.”

Extended Orgasm Pleasure

There are many simple methods by which you can enhance the duration of your orgasms and the amount of pleasure you feel. Indeed, orgasms lasting over an hour may be achieved.

And though you may think this is unlikely, think of this: the average orgasm – even for women (whose orgasmic capacity is greater than men’s) – consists of a mere ten or so muscular contractions lasting a few seconds. But the process of learning how to enhance orgasms is fairly simple…. and you can read more about them on this website.

Desire, Excitement, and Arousal

Two people making love – or, if you prefer, having sex – might enjoy an experience something like this: first of all they felt chemistry between them, an electric spark of attraction.

Then they kissed, and arousal grew, her panties becoming damp, and his erection mounting. Kissing gave way to feeling each other up, fondling, caressing, and his erection became harder and she lubricated more.

Continued stimulation led to sucking, more kissing, mutual pleasuring and eventually lovemaking.

At first sight, this looks like a simple process, beginning with desire and ending in a mutual orgasm, but the fact is that in both men and women, sexual arousal is composed of three distinct phases: desire, excitement, and orgasm.

We shall examine each of these more closely on this site where the nature of love is explained in detail.