All About Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed Ejaculation

Delayed ejaculation is the inability to ejaculate – which basically means the inability to reach orgasm – during sexual intercourse in a timely way (or at all). Why, you might wonder, would men suffer from such a problem? Perhaps the first thing to mention is that it isn’t such an unusual problem. About ten percent of the male population at any one time will be experiencing this difficulty. So if that includes you, rest assured, there is nothing abnormal about this expression of make sexuality.

But of course, helpful though it may be to know that you are not the only man who has trouble ejaculating, it is no explanation of the causes and cures of what can be a very troublesome issue. Whether you are looking for information on the causes of the problem, or some facts about how it can be cured, this resource could be the solution to your difficulties. You see, the thing about delayed ejaculation is that most men who experience it find that the difficulties it produces are compounded by the fact that they themselves do not understand what is going on.

Yet when you look at the causes and cures of the problem, you see immediately that here is nothing mysterious happening here. Delayed ejaculation is caused by low arousal – in short, for some reason, a man who cannot ejaculate has not been aroused sufficiently to reach his point of ejaculatory inevitability. But, the significant thing is that a man does not have to live with the consequences of his history for ever. he can discover ways to do things differently.

So, if this is a description of the situation in which you find yourself, you could look for information on both the treatment and causes of delayed ejaculation. What we can say for sure is that with effort, motivation, and an intense desire for a normal sex life, you can find ways to enjoy a normal sex life with the joys of orgasm and the power of male ejaculation. (See this for a commentary on female enjoyment of sex. It’s well worth a read.)

To start with, many men with delayed ejaculation have some difficulty with expressing how they feel (but then, don’t all men?!) and they often keep their emotions firmly under wraps. It might even be frightening to think of exploring your emotions, or it might be something you haven’t done much of in your life. But this can be done in a safe way, one that leads to much better sex with your partner, not to mention a much better relationship in general.

Treatment Is Possible

Delayed ejaculation is a common problem – certainly much more common than people believe. Why, then, is delayed ejaculation so little talked about, and so little known? It’s probably because it seems like a very embarrassing problem – we can all understand men who get frustrated because they ejaculate too quickly during sex, but for a man to be unable to ejaculate when he’s making love to his partner can be very hard to understand. One treatment program id described in this book. You can check it out by clicking on the link here.

What’s In The Treatment Program?

Relaxation exercises, intimacy exercises to bring you emotionally closer to your partner; techniques and strategies to make sexual arousal more exciting so you can ejaculate more easily; and a complete program to allow you to improve the quality of your sex life once you are able to ejaculate.

Here’s a video about treatment

You might be interested in this video, basic though it is. 

The Causes & Treatment Of Delayed Ejaculation

Some men with delayed ejaculation have slightly ambivalent feelings about sex because of some negative sexual experience, perhaps in childhood, perhaps later, which has affected their ability to fully enjoy sex and get “into the moment” with their partner. If this might be true for you, then, maybe it is important to examine the links between these life experiences and the sexual issues which you face today. Even if you can’t see much of a connection between the past and present as far as your sex life is concerned, sometimes your past experience will be having a major effect on your ability to complete lovemaking.

Other men with delayed ejaculation may have somehow missed out on “normal” sexual experiences as they were growing up. The way to deal with this kind of thing is to learn some new sexual techniques which are easy and enjoyable and will vastly increase your enjoyment of sex, your chance of having an orgasm, and your partner’s enjoyment of sex.

As you can see, delayed ejaculation is sometimes produced by a combination of several factors. The end result, though, is that you “hold back” your ejaculation during sex, for one reason or another. There are other causes, too. Some men can’t ejaculate because when they were teenagers they masturbated with such pressure and force on their penis that they “conditioned” their body only to ejaculate in response to extreme levels of stimulation. During intercourse you don’t get anything like this level of pressure on your penis, hence there’s no ejaculation and intercourse goes on for ages and ages.

Fortunately, training yourself to ejaculate with less pressure and normal levels of stimulation isn’t difficult, although it may take a little while, and require a certain amount of patience. There’s yet another aspect to delayed ejaculation: the thoughts, fantasies and feelings going around in a man’s mind when he’s thinking about sex, having sex, and when he’s with a partner making love. What seems to happen for a lot of men with DE is that in some way they’re “stuck” in their fantasies, and they just don’t make the transition to interacting fully with their partner during lovemaking. It’s almost as though their fantasies are a more important source of sexual stimulation than their real-world partner.