How To Enjoy Better Sex

Sex and Love: How to improve your sex life

1 Be adventurous

Don’t be a log in bed – stiff and wooden – and don’t stick to the same old routine. Sexual adventure can include all kinds of things: talking dirty; taking the initiative by rolling on top of him and getting into the woman on top position then riding his penis fast and hard till he comes; dressing up; having spontaneous sex anywhere that takes your fancy; and so on, and on, and on…..there are, by the way, many more tips for better sex here and a description of how women can enjoy fully orgasmic sex here.

2 Go on a romantic break and Have sex morning, noon and night

Men are ready for sex pretty much any time of the day from the morning’s wake-up call with an erect penis to the before-sleep nighttime sex session, while women often have one preferred time of day. So if you’re a morning person, why not try sex at night? If you like sex in the afternoon, try it in the morning. It’s all about variety!

4 Dress up for him

Most men are very visual. Whatever you think of your body, he’ll like to see it dressed up in sexy lingerie, and he’ll get aroused faster and harder if you tease him a bit. Act like a seductress for a change, then suck his penis, fuck him and leave him breathless!

7 Be assertive from time to time

While most men like to lead during sex, from time to time they would really appreciate their partners taking the lead.

So seduce him when he arrives home, lead him to the bedroom, strip him, make him lie there while you suck his penis, then masturbate in front of him before mounting him and riding him to orgasm. He might be surprised, but he won’t object!

9 Let him masturbate between your breasts

Whatever you think of men’s sex drive (hopefully you appreciate it!), it isn’t going away. And when you’re horny, don’t you get pleasure from rampant raw acts of lustful pleasure? Sure, of course you do. So now think of your male partner, and you begin to see things from a male perspective.

10 Give him a quickie each week

At least one bout of uncomplicated sex keeps a man happy to romance and give you foreplay the rest of the time. You know what? Men really do like raw sex without all the lovey-dovey add-ons – if not all the time, certainly a fair amount of the time. So get your lube out, look at him seductively till he gets the message, then let him put his penis in you and thrust until he comes.

It’s not insulting to you as a woman (in fact it actually honors his sexuality), and while it may not be romantic, it will certainly give him great pleasure. 

11 Don’t ever use sex as a weapon

A very bad mistake. Decent men don’t do this, and women only do it because they believe they lack power elsewhere in the relationship.

That’s probably not true, and even if it has some truth in it, using sex to retaliate is the wrong answer. Few things are more alienating to a man than manipulative feminine strategies. And this is the worst of them.

12 Men like to be respected and appreciated

And women like to be cherished. You stand a great deal more chance of getting that from him if you tell him what a good lover he is and behave as though you respect him.

Even if he needs to improve his sexual skills, there are ways of telling him that will make him want to do it better, and ways of telling him that will make him think you are criticizing him.

13 Be assertive

Ask for what you want during sex in a straightforward way and he’ll respond much better than if you pout or whine. Take it from me, most men would much rather their partner had a lot more male-type energy alongside her female energy.

Among other things, this means asking for things straightforwardly, not playing games, and being assertive and energetic during sex.

Teach him how you like him to pleasure you during sex – and assertiveness also includes being confident enough to show him what you like and don’t like. After all, if you’re going to play with his penis the way he likes, hadn’t you better show him what to do with your clitoris?

14 Deal with sexual dysfunction

Sexual problems are many and varied: for men, they consist mostly of erectile dysfunction and ejaculatory disorders, including delayed ejaculation and premature ejaculation.

15 Women come first

If he comes quickly, and he can’t improve his performance, then adapt. Get him to go down on you until you come, then make love. He (and his penis) will appreciate your swollen, wet and warm vagina, and you’ll enjoy the post-orgasmic stimulation of your G spot while you feel emotionally connected.

Heck, you might even come again. this is a surefire route to mutual pleasure in bed – and it’s a way most men can understand and appreciate if they’re looking for a way to please a woman during sex.

16 Act out your sexual fantasies

Remember that acting out your fantasy doesn’t mean it’s ever going to become a reality. Keep it in the bedroom and respect what he tells you – then tell him your own fantasies and act them out as well.

17 Don’t ever fake orgasm

Having his penis in your vagina is probably not the best way to achieve orgasm for you (if you’re one of the 75% of women who don’t come during intercourse).

So don’t pretend that it is. Get an orgasm before he penetrates you, and enjoy the friction and fullness when he thrusts. If you come, it’s a bonus.

18 Enjoy oral pleasure

You have no idea how important this is to your man. First, it feels unbelievably good; second, it means you accept him and the very sense of his maleness without reservation.

19 Try many new positions and keep novelty alive

Honestly, trying new positions is what makes a relationship stay passionate – you need a constant stream of sexual novelty to fend of boredom – possibly this is more true for men than women, but it’s still incredibly important to both sexes.

The best way to do this is to use a reference manual like the ancient Kama Sutra or a site like this: sexual positions for you!

20 Keep your Kegels going so your vagina is tight

Men have a visceral response to the sight, smell, taste and feel of the vagina. They want to explore it with fingers, eyes and tongue, but more than anything they want to penetrate it with their penis and thrust deep into you – making you feel good too.

That’s how a satisfying, mutually pleasurable sexual relationship should be, uninhibited and lusty!

For him, a lot of the pleasure is in the friction, so if you think you have a loose vagina, tighten it up with Kegels or keep your legs closed during sex so you grip his penis. That way sex will feel much better for him.

20 If you need some ways to treat erectile dysfunction look here. When your erection needs a boost, you can get all the information you need, with hundreds of tips for better sex, including complete information on the causes and treatment for erection problems.