Sex Positions On Video

Sex Positions On Video

We all know that sex sometimes needs some inspiration! Whether that means a new position, some new techniques, or a little extra knowledge, there's no easier way to learn the secrets of the great lovers than to see how it's done!

With that in mind, we're please to offer you the chance to see some free video clips of lovemaking positions and techniques.


Kissing and getting in the mood for sex

The art of good sex includes knowing the importance of foreplay and arousal as a prelude to penetration and intercourse. For women especially, kissing is an essential part of foreplay. It's a romantic and loving act which communicates affection, intimacy and connection.

To be a good kisser, a man needs to take it slowly, focus his attention on what he is doing, and put his energy into the kissing. It's easier to get aroused if you think of what the kiss is communicating to your partner, or, rather, what you'd like to communicate to your partner through the kiss as you lock lips.

If you're feeling loving, passionate, or romantic towards your partner, and your energy is focused on the kiss, that will communicate itself to your partner.

Good old man on top sex in the missionary position

There's plenty to be said for trying out your best sex positions as well as old favorites. For example, man on top sex may sometimes seem a bit boring, but it's a comfortable, and comforting, position which allows for great intimacy and lots of bodily contact. You can always try new sexual techniques, regardless of the position you adopt.

Men can achieve deep penetration (which they love!) and powerful thrusting (which they also love!) and enjoy the feeling of their partner's breasts on their chest if they are lying close.

The woman may enjoy a feeling of security, closeness, and intimacy, though her clitoris may feel a bit left out, since it's not especially easy for either partner to reach it in the traditional man on top sex position.

However, the twist is this: when his partner puts her legs back, the man can penetrate her even deeper, and she will feel her G-spot being stimulated by his penis, which may add a lot of excitement and pleasure for her.

What's more, if the man is kneeling, he (or she) will be able to stimulate her clitoris, which can perhaps bring her to orgasm as the couple enjoy intercourse.

The challenge for the woman is that putting her legs back so far that her knees come up to her chest, or even further so that her legs are raised onto the man's shoulders as he kneels, requires great flexibility which she may not possess.

For the man, penetration and penile thrusting can be difficult unless he has a flexible lower back and/or a long penis.

But this is a minor point - man on top sex is very pleasurable and satisfying even in the conventional way, with the partners lying one on top of the other. Remember, however, that man on top sex may make it difficult for a man to delay his ejaculation.

Fellatio and cunnilingus

Perhaps the most popular activity after vaginal penetration, fellatio (oral sex by one partner on the other's penis) and cunnilingus (oral sex by one partner on the other's vulva and clitoris) can be incredibly satisfying.

And cunnilingus is a reliable way for a woman to reach orgasm.

For many women, fellatio is a way of showing their partners how much they love and appreciate them, even when they have reservations about taking a man's penis into their mouths. These reservations often center on cleanliness and an aversion to the taste of semen.

But such things are easily dealt with - all a man needs to do is to wash well before sex, especially under his foreskin, so his penis is clean, and not to ejaculate in his partner's mouth.

The old line about "Do you spit or swallow" assumes that a man is going to ejaculate in a woman's mouth, but the question that needs to be asked before this is even thought about is "Can I come in your mouth?"

Not all women like it. So if you're with a woman who refuses to let you come in her mouth, what do you do?

I think it's fair enough to try and persuade her to let you. I'm certain that many women just don't understand how exciting, thrilling and rewarding it is for men to have oral sex and conclude by ejaculating in their partner's mouth.

It's a very deep issue for men: it certainly says something about feeling more male and respected, both things which are an essential part of sex for men.

You can also remind her that it makes you feel completely accepted and loved by her, plus of course it feels absolutely fantastic! In the end, though, if she won't do it, because she doesn't like the taste or texture of semen, you might have to find a compromise.

Ask her to give you oral until you're at the point of no return, then tell her you're about to come and have her replace her mouth with her well-lubed hands.

You may actually not even notice the difference, and if she can become skilled enough to judge the point where you're about to ejaculate for herself, you won't even need to speak up.

My last partner relished swallowing my spunk, and I'm sure for her it was a way of expressing her love for me - not that I think my current partner loves me any less, but she likes to show her love in different ways.

She does, however, worship my cock with her mouth, so there's only an edge of disappointment to the fact that she won't take my come in her mouth. If you've got as far as ejaculating in your partner's mouth, it may not even matter whether she spits or swallows.

But if she does go the whole way, lucky you!

If you're a man and your partner doesn't orgasm through oral sex, then cunnilingus is a great way of getting her there.

You can go down on her before you have intercourse, to make sure that she reaches orgasm, then relax for a few minutes with her before you penetrate her.

With her vagina swollen and warm, and very moist from her sexual arousal, you're guaranteed a good time!

From behind - rear entry sex

We don't have any data, but we're guessing that if you asked 100 men which was their favorite sex position, more than half would say "rear entry"!

The feel and sight of one's penis entering a woman's vagina, moist with her vaginal juices, sliding in and out of her body between her buttocks, is about as arousing as sex gets for many men.

This sight is a powerful aphrodisiac, and the physical pleasure is intensely satisfying to both body and soul. There's a deep affirmation of the power of a man's sexuality, and a deep affirmation of the power of his penis in this type of sex.

It's primal, exciting, physically and mentally thrilling, and very intense. So - yes, this is great sex for a man. But what of his partner?

She may be thrilled by it (see the survey results on women's sexual behavior at VulvaVelvet for some comments on what women think of rear entry sex), or she may feel like a sex object, her saggy breasts and bottom exposed to her partner's keenest gaze.

She may do it just to please him, getting little pleasure beyond the satisfaction of knowing that she has satisfied him sexually, or she may feel rampantly horny and excited by the lascivious nature of being fucked in this position.

What is most important is this: that neither partner feels shame or distaste at what they are doing, but enjoys the physical experience and the deep pleasure to be had from intimate sexual contact of this most basic kind.

On a practical level, the size of a guy's penis does have some bearing on the success of this kind of sex - but then, so does the tightness of her vagina.

A man with a small penis may find that he pops out if he takes too long a stroke; a guy with a long penis may find that he can thrust so deeply that it becomes uncomfortable for his partner, as his penis bangs against her cervix.

In both cases, adjusting the length of the stroke should solve the problem. But whatever the length of his penis, a man can very successfully stimulate his partner's G-spot: indeed, sex in this position is one of the best ways to get penile contact on the G-spot.

Such arousal may speed a man up and make it impossible for him to delay his ejaculation.

If her vagina is loose, then she can tighten it up by clenching her PC muscles or by tightening the muscles of her buttocks so that his penis is gripped more effectively by the walls of her vagina.


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Updated 23 February 2020