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Like many things in life which have the capacity to take us to another level of our spiritual experience (such as drugs, meditation and healing) certain sexual techniques such as Tantra can seem mysterious and arcane.

But the peculiar thing is that it isn't at all difficult to explore: it is more about getting back in touch with our sexual natures, and dropping the emotional and physical barriers which grow up between us and our rightful experience of true, unfettered human sexuality. Let me explain.

Deep inside each of us lies a huge source of sexual energy: our Kundalini. In the Western world, we rarely see the Kundalini in its pure form: we feel a glimmer of it near orgasm, and it may drive us in our moments of primal sexual desire, but generally it lies hidden beneath layers of expectation, assumption, abuse, and inhibition.

When freed, the Kundalini can take us into ecstasy, into the bliss of a prolonged orgasmic experience, where we can hover in ecstasy for hours, with wave after wave of sexual pleasure rolling through our whole bodies.

This sexual energy is actually more powerful in a woman than a man. In one sense, women's sexuality is the source of all sexual energy on the planet; a woman connects to the Universal life force when she frees her sexuality.

Orgasm regenerates her energy; during lovemaking her energy can pass to her partner, who then absorbs it and links into it, feeds it back to her, and becomes part of a loop of sexual bliss. In this sense, female sexual energy is the energy of generation, sublimated into the energy of home, family, social structures and nurturing.

But the interesting thing is that this female sexual energy rises in the first place in response to male sexual energy; so that while she may enter blissful orgasmic realms that charge both partners with energy, he is the initiator, the progenitor, the stimulus for action.

The key to releasing this energy is the female G spot. I don't intend to discuss here whether the G spot exists or not, for that debate has been well conducted elsewhere on this website.

Instead, accept that the G spot does exist, and see it as the gateway to sexual bliss for both partners. It is a sexual nerve center, a junction box, if you like, where cosmic energy flows can be accessed and tapped.

It lies on the upper wall of the vagina as a woman lies on her back, about an inch to two inches inside. You can feel it as knobbly ridge, an area of tissue which is different to the rest of the lining of the vagina.

And here lies a woman's greatest sexual secret, for, when it is stimulated in a loving, caring way, it can release a woman's true orgasmic potential.

The challenge may be to get through the bodily memories of inhibition and abuse which block access to the Kundalini. Everything that happens to a vagina - and, sexually, to the woman who owns it - is stored in memories which are directly accessible through her G spot.

This means that the more a woman is sexually inhibited, the more emotion she will release when her G spot is stimulated. Women who have been abused or raped will release rage; women who have had happy sexual experiences will release laughter and joy; and women who have been depressed may access their depression.

There is no way of knowing what will happen until you begin to access the G spot - and the results can be profound. But the storms which emerge are only temporary; they pass, as women's emotions do, for that is the nature of femininity.

And the sexual healing which takes place each time a bodily memory is accessed through the G spot will purify a woman's sexual channels so that she is that much nearer to accessing her rightful experience of sexual ecstasy.

However, you have a greater chance of success in a long term committed relationship, for then the connection and trust between you will facilitate the release of her Kundalini.

So how is this done?

G Spot stimulation is best done with a finger - perhaps the middle finger because it is longer. After sufficient foreplay to make sure a woman is ready and receptive, her partner can enter her vagina with his finger, with respect and love, and gently apply a little pressure on her G spot.

At first she may feel she wishes to urinate, so it is a good idea to do this with an empty bladder.

But this feeling soon passes, and provided she is aroused enough to start with, she will begin to experience either emotional release or waves of sexual energy which pass through her body like little currents of electric bliss.

(The description comes from my partner, who is adept at reaching states of female sexual ecstasy.)

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Prolonged G spot massage requires patience and loving dedication from the man.

He can move his finger in many ways inside his lover: he can simply apply pressure to the G spot; he can mimic the movements of penile thrusting by moving his finger back and forwards; he can sweep from side to side like windshield wipers; and he can roll his fingers across the whole of the upper area of the vagina.

Each woman will respond differently - and differently each time she experiences G spot massage.

Sometimes, when sexual blocks have to be overcome, she will resist, saying that it feels uncomfortable or painful - often a sign that further stimulation will break through blocks or inhibitions, and cause some emotional or physical release that is needed for the sexual healing inherent in this act to take place.

Now, that's enough text for this page. Continue reading about female orgasms here.

And below there are some excellent reference materials you can access should you wish to get detailed information on how to do this for yourself:

For advice on how to make a woman come, check out this website which explains how to give a woman great pleasure - i.e. make a woman orgasm - before he enters her and reaches his own amazing orgasmic peak state.

It comes unreservedly recommended, both as an erotic experience suitable for men and women, but also as a way to find out how to increase your own sexual power and the joy of your orgasms - many times over.

I invite you to attempt a one hour lovemaking session of your own tonight. Concentrate on your woman. Put her pleasure first and foremost in your mind.

Exclude the goal of ejaculation from your plans. Go down on her for as long as you can, as long as sheíll let you. Let her suck you if she wants and if turns her on, but donít concentrate on the feelings of fellatio - just let her use your penis to turn herself on.

When youíre having sexual intercourse, focus on hitting her G-Spot with your penis. Get those angles to work for you - see them in your mindís eye. Squeeze her butt so her vaginal walls force the head of your penis up against her G-Spot.

If you start to get too turned on and too close to ejaculating, pull out and go down on her again, or use your fingers to rub inside and stimulate her G-Spot, or just stop thrusting and lie there with your erection inside her, just enjoying the warmth and goodness of that until you drop down a few notches of intensity and can resume thrusting without shooting your load.

If you use these suggestions you will be able to make love with your woman for at least an hour; and, in fact, for as long you want. if you want to know more about theories of the female orgasm then this is the place to go, and if masturbation is your ball game, then follow the link!

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