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Multiple orgasms for couples - continued

The idea of simultaneous orgasm with your partner during lovemaking is an exciting one, and no wonder, because coming together makes sex very pleasurable.

But when that is coupled with multiple orgasms for each partner, sexual pleasure is increased very much more.

This page explains - briefly - how men and women can achieve simultaneous multiple orgasms; it is based on the methods explained in the book The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia, who describe Taoist approaches to sexuality which are over 3,000 years old.

Their book is essential reading if you're interested in developing your own skills in this area.

The Taoists believed that frequent sex prolonged life. More recently, this has been borne out by a study for the British Medical Journal which proved that the more orgasms men had, the longer they lived and the fewer incidences of heart disease, stroke, and cancer they experienced.

One of the reasons for this seems to be that sex releases beneficial hormones into the bloodstream: but the Taoists would have claimed that it was all about the energy of multiple orgasm which is essential to human well-being.

The art of sexual healing includes these elements and ideas (among others)

Love is healing: healing energy flows freely to our partner.

Limiting ejaculations allows men to conserve sexual energy; the separation of orgasm and ejaculation allows men to experience multiple orgasms.

The circulation of energy and the exchange of energy between the two partners during lovemaking is the basis of sexual healing.

There are certain practices (e.g. vaginal and penile massage) and positions (see below) which allow couples to enhance the healing effect of their lovemaking.

The minimum time for sexual healing (as opposed, let's say, to a "quickie") is half an hour for foreplay and half an hour for multi-orgasmic intercourse.

An example of Taoist sexual practice

During lovemaking, the woman straddles the man, facing him. She then squeezes her PC muscle around the shaft of the man's penis, without stimulating the glans.

She moves up and down the shaft while he's inside her, without pulling so far up that he comes out or she squeezes the head of his penis. She can move up and down on his penis for nine shallow thrusts and one deep thrust, which will be highly pleasurable for both of them

She then repeats both the above steps, only now with her back to him while facing his feet.

She then returns to facing him and squeezes up and down his penis. She can continue rotating for as long as she likes.

Circulating the sexual energy

There are several ways to draw sexual energy upwards from the genitals. This is only one of the ways described in the book The Multi-Orgasmic Couple by Mantak Chia and Maneewan Chia.

When both partners are highly aroused, intercourse can stop for a moment while the man pulls back so that the tip of his penis is just inside her vagina.

This allows a cooling-off and prevents the man ejaculating. This is, therefore, and excellent way to last longer in bed for men and control the moment of ejaculation.

Each partner then exhales and contracts their pc muscle. It helps if the man contracts first, because when she contracts her PC muscle around his penis, the force of it may tip him over the edge into ejaculation.

The energy of the couple can then be pumped back to the sacrum and up the spine by contracting the PC muscles and anus.

The energy flow will follow the intention behind the thought, so the couple allow the energy to rise up to the top of their heads.

They then spiral the energy in their heads by rolling their eyes nine times left and right.

They bring their energy down the front of their bodies to their sexual organs. This loop continues.

The couple continue to make love; the energy continues to flow. As it does, the couple feel its intensity increase; its healing properties release emotional and mental blocks.

(The healing effect of this energy is actually, in my opinion, a highly refined version of the healing energy which a healer brings to the healee during such practices as Reiki.)

The energy can be stored in their bodies when the couple have finished making love. In an experienced couple, the energy flow of lovemaking can go on for as long as the couple desire: several hours - or more.

Love and anger

The sexual energy that is generated during these practices is extremely powerful. It has the capacity to intensify anger as well as love: in other words, one must not only develop sexual energy but also ensure that it is linked to compassion of the heart and feelings of love for one's partner.

For Taoists, sexual energy is sacred. Drawing the energy of lovemaking upwards from the genitals and circulating it within your own body can lead to great orgasms for a man or a woman, but in Soul-Mating, you actually exchange energy with your partner.

When both partners experience the intense energy exchange of Soul Mating, they are able to feel orgasmic pleasure for hours and to feel deeply connected to their partner even when they are apart. This is what the Taoists call a Soul Orgasm.

Hints for Soul Mating

Make love face to face. Have much of your bodies in contact, preferably with the woman sitting on top of the man.

Send healing love with your eyes. Remember to exchange healing energy though the eyes and to look into each other's eyes as you make love. Remember to keep your genitals connected and your hearts open at all times.

Touch tongues to close the loop of energy.

Let the sexual energy build up and circulate to high levels - possibly enjoying several orgasms on the way to Soul Mating.

Here's the method that the Chias recommend for Soul-Mating:

1 When you are highly aroused, draw back slightly so that the tip of the man's penis is inside the entrance to the vagina. This will allow both partner's to cool down slightly.

2 Exhale, relax and contract your PC muscles. To avoid the woman's contraction tipping the man over the edge into orgasm, the man should contract first, followed by the woman.

3 Move the energy back up to your sacrum and then to the crown of the head.

4 Spiral the energy upward through your bodies.

5 Continue to make love as normal; but alternately thrust and stop to circulate the energy.

6 Allow your minds to form the intention of exchanging energy at the level of the genitals. The man should pass "hot" energy to the woman, and the woman should pass cooler feminine energy to the man. This will be felt as a tingling energy flow, perhaps like electrical waves and sparkles.

7 Draw your partner's energy across to your spine, then allow it to rise to the crown of your head, and touch tongues so that the circuit is closed and the energy can flow through your mouths and down the front of your bodies back to your genitals.

8 Bring the energy down to your heart and exchange the healing energy directly through your chests.

9 Imagine the energy of you and your partner merging above your heads in a spiritual blend of spiraling cosmic consciousness. Your soul and your partner's will merge.

Obviously full details of the procedures described here can be found in the Chias' book, The Multi-Orgasmic Couple. If you're at all interested in developing these ideas, it's an essential read.

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