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How does this relate to manifestation? Well, the truth is that manifestation is an intense affirmation of oneself - which is to say, it is the most profound example of the power of the human mind, an example of how the mind can operate when it is truly connected to the universal intelligence. In short, manifestation is an acceptance of the reality of the law of universal energy transmutation.

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One of the important things that we all need to understand about the Law of Attraction manifestation is that the universe is designed to give us what we want, provided that we approach it in the right way.

Let me ask you a question: how long is it since you really wanted something with absolute passion and fervor? How long is it since you wanted something so badly that you could almost taste the desire, and that desire stayed with you not just for a few minutes or even a few days, but for months or years at a time?

manifestationIf I told you that level of desire was necessary to manifest anything using the Law of Attraction, would you understand why so few people are successful doing so?

And if I then went on to tell you that absolute confidence, complete faith, total belief in the fact that the universe will provide whatever it is you're trying to manifest, once you've asked for it, is another condition of manifestation, would you also agree that that is another reason why many people fail to manifest what they claim they want?

And finally, if I said to you that expectation and action, not necessarily large action, but certainly some kind of action designed to move you in the direction of your objective, was the final condition for manifestation, at that point I assume you would be very clear why so few people manage to use any of the principles set out in The Secret?

law of attractionOne of course the problem with The Secret was that it generated expectations and hope far out of proportion to the reality that could ever be demonstrated by people who didn't fully understand the emotional energy needed to manifest anything in their life. You can find out more about conscious creation here.

No doubt the disappointment that people experienced because of The Secret is why many of the current websites on the Internet which are, to put it mildly, extremely disrespectful of the possibility of manifestation, have appeared.

We know the interesting thing about this to me, is that over the centuries, those people who claimed esoteric or mystical knowledge, or have the ability to use mystical or esoteric techniques, have always been the ones who have kept the knowledge alive and they've done that by using it practically. You can also find more information on manifestation here.

They haven't sat back and found hundreds of reasons why manifestation might not exist, or the Law of Attraction isn't real, they simply gone out and turn their lives around, manifesting whatever it is they want, from a sexual relationship, to abundant cash, to a new life, job, interest, or something else.

law of attractionAnd that's what I'd encourage you to do: go out and use the Law of Attraction don't be swayed by the doubters, by the disbelievers, by those who can't maintain the energy necessary to sustain the practical reality of manifestation.

Find a way in which you can make it happen for you. Find out what it is you're truly passionate about, what it is that get your heart sing with joy, and then go out and find a way of establishing intense desire.

There are plenty of techniques are available on the Internet which will allow you to propel manifestation forward with intense emotional energy which is, when all's said and done one of the most obvious pre-requisites to make the universe respond to your wishes.

But also do this in a way that you feel loads of gratitude for the universe is generosity: while the universe certainly can't understand your gratitude, because all it does is respond to a set of instructions, what it will do is change your mindset into one where you expect manifestation to happen on a more regular and frequent basis.

Positive expectation is a vital part of ensuring that you can manifest what you want, and where you are trying to manifest relationship, high quality sexual relationship, you certainly need to be operating from your highest level of aspiration and your highest level of energetic vibration.

You see, the higher your level of vibration, the more refined the process of manifestation becomes. You gain the ability to select the person who is absolutely right for you on an intellectual, spiritual, and physical level.

With that is a prerequisite, your relationship is almost bound to succeed. This contrasts markedly with the way in which most people find a relationship randomly.

It's a hard thing to say, but is undoubtedly true! Most people find a relationship on a fairly random basis, from the people who happen to be around them either at work, or in their residential area, or even somebody the meet by chance.

Let me tell you this: the universe is not capricious, and if you set out a request for a good relationship, then it will answer you by fanning the person who is absolutely right for you right now.

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Updated 23 February 2020