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Anal sex positions

In reality, anal sex positions are not very different from conventional vaginal sex positions. After all, the opening of the vagina and the anus are not so far apart!

However, there are some positions which make it easier for a man to insert his penis. The first is basically a modified form of the missionary position in which the woman brings her legs back as far as she can:

sex positions

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The problem here is that this requires a lot of strength on the part of the man - his arms may get tired easily, and it isn't particularly comfortable for a woman who's not very flexible.

If you can't get your legs as far back as the woman in the photo above, then you can still expose your anus enough to make penetration easier by raising your butt on a pillow and bringing your legs back as far as you can.

Probably the easiest anal sex position is doggy style. If the woman kneels or bends forward, her anus is exposed and her partner can enter her it relatively easily.

sex positions

Of course, any anal sex position in which a woman thrusts her butt into the air will make anal sex easier; however, it's important that you don't feel under any strain or tension, otherwise you may find that the tension begins to close up your anus - you need to be relaxed to enjoy anal sex to the full.

Side by side is a good position for anal sex, particularly if the guy has a longer than average penis. The woman can open her legs slightly, perhaps taking one slightly higher than the other, and the man can slip in from behind. This is illustrated in the photograph:

sex positions

A fourth idea is simply to have the woman lie down and the man enter her from behind and on top of her. This is good for enjoying feelings of submissiveness and dominance, and it is relaxing for the woman, though it can be tiring for the man.

In the full version of these pictures, the couple featured in the photos above demonstrate over 50 positions for anal sex (and of course, many of these positions are suitable for vaginal sex as well).

Although the pictures are explicit, they represent a real-life couple enjoying intimate sexual connection, and they are very suitable for a man and woman to view together.

Each position is presented as part of a sequence that shows you how to position yourselves, how to maintain intimate contact during penetration, and how to remain relaxed during anal sex. The pictures are actually pretty much a comprehensive guide to anal sex.

sex positions

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